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Like carpet cleaning, it is equally important to have the upholstered furniture in your home professionally cleaned… Your upholstered furniture can have just as much of an impact on the air quality in your home! Bacteria, body oils, and other particles cling to the fibers in upholstered furniture and could be released into the air by taking a seat in your favorite upholstered armchair!

Keeping your upholstered furniture on a routine cleaning schedule will help maintain quality and increase longevity. Turbo Clean can help with all of your upholstery cleaning needs! Thanks to our effective 8-step cleaning process, the trained professionals at Turbo Clean can help keep your upholstered furniture looking as beautiful as the day you bought it!


Step 1:


We start every project with a thorough walkthrough of all areas needing cleaning. Our technicians inspect all spots, address any areas of concern with the customer, and then recommend the best possible solution for cleaning the problem areas.

Step 2:


After pre-inspection, we begin the set-up process. To ensure no damage occurs in your home by our cleaning equipment, we install floor runners on any hardwood or tile floors and corner guards on the walls. We will also install a temporary safety door to keep animals, bugs, and hot/cold weather conditions out of your home!

Step 3:


Before cleaning, we will spray your carpets with a powerful pre-conditioner to break down the tough soil spots to allow the best possible results. This pre-conditioner is safe for pets and people!

Step 4:


Once the pre-spray is given enough time to adequately work, we begin the agitation process. Our technician will use a powerful piece of equipment called a CRB (or counter rotating brush) to deeply clean your carpets. The CRB will effectively absorb and trap all dust, dirt, and debris hidden deep within your carpets.

Step 5:


Immediately after agitation, we will begin the hot water extraction process. With help from our highly advanced, truck-mounted steam cleaner, our technician will extract the cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse your carpets. We are extremely careful during this step to ensure that your carpets are not overly saturated and that no residue is left behind.

Step 6:


Occasionally, there may be soil spots still present after the previous steps are completed. Thankfully, our technician will also be equipped with a specialized spotter to target and deeply clean the stubborn areas.

Step 7:


To start the drying process, we will make several “dry passes” on the freshly cleaned carpets using suction hoses to pull out as much excess moisture as possible. Once completed, we will put out powerful, commercial fans to finalize the drying process.

Step 8:


Lastly, we finish the cleaning project by performing a final walkthrough with the customer to confirm their absolute satisfaction!