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Area rugs play an important role in any home; they bring color, vibrancy, and personality to otherwise monotonous areas. Unfortunately, area rugs are as equally susceptible to stains as carpeting. Area rugs can house numerous bacteria and allergens deep within the carpet fibers and even in the mat underneath. Luckily, the trusted experts at Turbo Clean can handle all of your area rug cleaning needs!

With multiple options available, we’re confident in our ability to perfectly clean you area rug!


A technician will come to your home and perform a top-down cleaning on the area rug. This cleaning method is effective, however it is not always recommended. In order to successfully conduct an in-home cleaning, there will need to be a suitable area available. Area rugs should not be cleaned on top of hardwood floors or wall-to-wall carpet.


A technician will pick-up your area rug, safely transport it to our shop, and clean it in our commercial grade area rug wash plant. With this method, we are able to professionally clean and dry the area rug – the way it is meant to be done! This process also allows the entire rug to be cleaned (as opposed to the in-home method - which only allows the top of the rug to be cleaned).


As an added bonus for all of our Turbo Clean customers, all area rug cleaning services come with a factory-installed carpet protector – at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! This powerful protector acts as a barrier that surrounds the area rug fibers to prevent stains and damage. Once applied to your area rugs, the protector completely seals the fibers to keep dirt and debris from attaching and makes maintenance hassle free! This protection doesn’t last forever, as it eventually wears down over time. With regular, professionally cleaning and the area rug protector in-between: Your rugs will stay cleaner, longer!


We may refer to them as a man’s best friend, but they can also be your carpet’s worst enemy! Cleaning up after your pets can be incredibly challenging… Sometimes, it may seem impossible to remove the odor or stain left by an accident. As urine dries, it quickly turns into a sticky crystal-like substance that clings to carpet fibers, backing, and padding!

A basic steam clean will not always guarantee complete removal of the urine stain or smell. Thankfully, the experts at Turbo Clean know exactly what to do! Our pet treatment service is specifically designed to breakdown those sticky crystals and COMPLETELY remove the odor.